ScolioEase™ Traction Belt

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ScolioEase™  Traction Belt

What is the ScolioEase™ Traction Belt?

We are pleased to present the latest technology for the treatment of lower back pain caused by spinal diseases or injuries. The ScolioEase™ Traction Belt features a unique ‘Air Pocket Expansion System’ which greatly reduces the pressure on the vertebrae and is extremely effective in relieving pain and treatment. ScolioEase™ Traction Belt is an altogether a new design which is extremely beneficial in pre- and post-surgery cases and provides greater flexibility.
ScolioEase™ Traction Belt gently lifts the user’s torso using vertical air columns. The ScolioEase™ Traction Belt is lightweight, thin and extremely easy to use. It stabilizes the back and improves mobility besides helping to alleviate pain and prevention of injuries. It can be easily worn under the users clothing and allows the user to carry out daily routines such as driving, walking, and standing for long periods of time. Mobility-related active lifestyles which include activities such as sports and leisure are made easy with the use of the ScolioEase™ Traction Belt.

The way the ScolioEase™ Traction Belt works is best evidenced by wearing it between the lower part of the rib cage and the top of the hip (iliac crest). A traction lift is produced by the belt that results in the reduction of pressure in the lumbar region. The vertically expandable air columns create a virtual “Body Jack” which provides spinal decompression. This results in the elimination of lower and radiating pain due to nerve compression.

ScolioEase™ Traction belt zeroes out the gravitational compression effects and assists in active rehabilitation. This leads to ‘natural’ pain reduction as the space between the vertebrae is increased which allows the intervertebral disc to return to its natural position.

ScolioEase™  Traction Belt

What is in the Box?

  • ScolioEase™ Traction Belt
  • User Manual
  • Inflation Pump

How the ScolioEase™ Belt Work?

How the ScolioEase Belt Work

  • Place the non-inflated belt between the lower rib and hip bone. Make sure the belt is tight and fitted properly around the waist.
  • Fully inflate the belt using the pump supplied. The belt will be extended vertically from 13cm to 21cm. This will produce a traction effect to the spinal area applied.
  • The decompression/traction effect of the ScolioEase™ Traction Belt increases the space between the inter-vertebrae as the air columns gently expand vertically.
  • Before Treatment:
  • Herniated or bulging discs cause pain in the spine by applying pressure on the nerve roots.
    After Treatment:
  • Using the ScolioEase™ Traction Belt as a “Body Jack”, the air column expansion leads to the increase in intervertebral space thereby causing a reduction in the gravity as well as pressure in the lumbar region.

Features of ScolioEase™ Traction Belt

  1. Reduction of the effects of gravity and compressive loads for the relaxation of muscle spasms, cramps, strains and pain related to scoliosis.
  2. Helps to relieve pain caused by scoliosis, degenerative disc/joint disease, sciatica, spondylosis and spinal stenosis.
  3. The traction of the inter-vertebral disc leads to a reduction in pain in the back, hips, thighs, legs and feet mainly caused by scoliosis, bulging and herniated discs.
  4. Aids people who are required to lift heavy weights and to those who must drive or sit for long hours, as it reduced the compressive load on scoliosis.
  5. Helps in the maintenance of proper posture which allows for even weight distribution throughout the lumbar scoliosis spine.
  6. Can be worn by users under their clothing.
  7. Comfortable to wear and lightweight allowing safe range in motion while worn.
  8. Made of 100% soft, durable cotton material.

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