X-ray Before & After

Case 53: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 53 ENLocal 12 year old Singaporean girl after 5 months of therapy with us. Initially her hips were unevening with the right side protruding out. She had difficulty holding herself up into a good posture as a result was slouching whenever she was sitting or standing.

We tailored a program and designed a 3D brace that addressed her scoliosis as well as her poor posture and the results really speak for themselves! We congratulate this young girl for her commitment and dedication.

Case 52: Female, 15 years old

Xrays before and after 52 ENThese postural images were taken 6 months apart of a 15 year old girl from Bangladesh. She had completed a 5 days intensive program at my clinic in in 2018 and was instructed her scoliosis treatment to complete once back home.

Happy to see she has been consistent with the exercises and devices recommended. Her posture showed a marked improvement, with the pelvic and higher right hip looking aesthetically better and more balanced. She was instructed to continue with the home therapy and follow up with an xray in another 6 months. Health is in your hands!

Case 51: Female, 15 years old

Xrays before and after 51 ENThe goal of Dr Kevin Lau is not just to reduce scoliosis but to make it visually more balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Here is a 15 year old Singaporean girl who had been coming regularly to the clinic for 1 year. Before she started her hip was protruding on one side and waist looked uneven. Her posture was slouched with forward head and shoulders which ultimately affected her confidence.

Throughout her health journey with us we were able to see her grow into the confident young lady she is today! We thank her and her mum for allowing us to share her amazing pictures.

Case 50: Female, 13 years old

Xrays before and after 50 ENGreat results for a 13 year old Indian girl who initially came to my clinic with 45 degrees S curve scoliosis in the top part of her spine. This caused a lot of imbalance in her body and she was leaning to the left. She was going through a lot of growth spurts over the 1 year period so it was not a particularly easy scoliosis to correct.

Now the curve is stabilised and under 40 degrees. Visibly her body is more centered and balanced. She has not reached skeletal maturity so she will continue to do her therapy and ScolioAlign 3D brace for another few years. However it’s good to see such visible changes to keep her motivated. Thank you to her and her parents for letting us use her images.

Case 49: Female, 16 years old

Xrays before and after 49 ENOver the course of 3 years treating this patient and recently we did her latest x-ray review. When she first came to the clinic her thoracic curve was 27 degrees and the lumber was 25 degrees. She started a scoliosis program with the clinic along with doing a 3D brace by Dr Kevin Lau. Following year x-ray showed amazing with the thoracic curve now 18 degrees with the lumbar not considered scoliosis anymore.

Latest x-ray taken in January 2019 shows that her top curve is now 10 degrees and she does not have scoliosis anymore! Her results are a direct amount of effort she put into following the prescribed treatment plan and for that we applaud her for her success.

Don’t accept anything but the best care possible.

Case 48: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 48 ENFollow up results for a 12 year old patient from overseas, 6 months after doing their 5 days intensive program. She was able to follow through with the home program and continue the correction even though she went through growth spurts during the 6 months!

She was consistent with the home therapy and wore her brace diligently. Dr Kevin Lau offers scoliosis programs for local and overseas patients and specially tailored to the individuals scoliosis. No ones curve is the same so nor should the treatment.

Dr Lau is focused on long term solutions and not quick temporary fixes. For honest and reliable care call us for a review today.

Case 47: Female,17 years old

Xrays before and after 47 ENAnother fantastic result from a Singaporean girl who just recently did her post treatment x-ray. Results showed her scoliosis reduced from 45 degrees to 35 degrees in 3 months. Her parents were concerned as hospital specialist recommended the possibility of surgery at the next review.

Let’s hope to see further improvements as she continues with the treatment. Congrats on your achievement!

Case 46: Female, 9 years old

Xrays before and after 46 ENAmazing results for a 9 years old girl from Vietnam who came for 5 days intensive scoliosis treatment. Before coming to Singapore the mother had taken an x-ray of her daughter curve and it showed the curve increased by 10 degrees in 6 months. As her scoliosis was only 18 degrees, Dr Kevin Lau recommend just doing the 5 days therapy without bracing.

Following the 5 days treatment using Dr Lau’s ScolioLife System, her curve went from 18 degrees to 5 degree! It’s important to understand that early detection along with early intervention is key to avoiding bracing or surgery. Don’t merely wait to see if your scoliosis is mild.

She was taught everything she needed to do once back home to continue the therapy home. Which is an important aspect and the main reason why Dr Lau believes in the “Health In Your Hands” motto.

Case 45: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 45 ENSimply amazing x-ray results. When I see a Boston Brace x-ray vs 3D Brace x-ray the in brace correction is simply better and superior in the 3D Brace. This is why Boston brace’s best results is to prevent the curve while 3D Brace can potentially reduce the scoliosis! Don’t waste your time with an older style of brace and get the latest in bracing technology today. Exclusively available in Scoliosis & Spine Correction Clinic and fitted personally by Dr Kevin Lau.

Dr Kevin Lau also offers non-bracing and non-surgical options for scoliosis treatment.

Case 44: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 44 ENJust received an follow up email from a 12 year old female patient from the Philippines who just did her xrays after 3 months of home treatment following her 5 days intensive scoliosis program with us. She was instructed to wear the 3D Brace and follow her scoliosis exercises for 3 months.

Happy to report the latest x-ray showed an amazing result. Before coming to Singapore her scoliosis was measuring at 41 degrees on the top curve and 45 degrees on the bottom curve. Now her scoliosis is measuring at 20 degrees at the top and 30 degrees on the bottom!

Thank you for letting us share your results and keep up the hard work. Looking forward to getting more good news in the future too.

Case 43: Female, 11 years old

Xrays before and after 43 ENJust received a follow up from a USA patient who’s currently living in Thailand. 3 months ago they had come for 5 days intensive treatment for his 11 year old daughter. Following the treatment they were instructed to continue back home the exercises as well as the 3D Brace and to do a follow up x-ray in 3 months for me to review.

Happy to reveal that the latest x-ray shows her scoliosis is now 18 degrees, down from 35 degrees before treatment with Dr Kevin Lau! Another amazing result which also shows the hard work and effort she took in following through with what was recommended.

Case 42: Female, 24 years old

Xrays before and after 42 ENThis week we bring you another great result for a 24 year old female who came for scoliosis treatment. She was diligently coming during her lunch break from raffles place and after 3 months x-rays showed her “C” shaped scoliosis reduced form 70 degrees to 58 degrees! This was done without surgery of bracing as well.

Dr Kevin Lau tailors each individual treatment to suit the lifestyle of the person. Even if your a busy student or working full time. Avoiding spinal surgery is possible under the right care and is ultimately better in the long term. As surgery only addresses the aesthetic nature and does not improve the person’s quality of life.

Being the leading non-surgical scoliosis clinic in Singapore. We are proud to see results like this on a daily basis. Dr Kevin Lau makes the so called impossible… possible!

Case 41: Female, 15 years old

Xrays before and after 41 ENFollow up x-ray today is from a 15 year old Singaporean girl. She started treatment early in 2017 and has seen steady improvements every 6 months. She has been coming once a week and wearing the 3D Brace at night while doing her exercises at home. Lower lumbar curve started around 37 degrees before coming to Dr Kevin Lau. Latest x-rays now show it is 15 degrees!

Improvements like this is not an exception but rather the rule as Dr Kevin Lau uses the best methods of non-surgical scoliosis treatment available for patients. Everyone’s scoliosis is different so everyone’s care needs to be customised too! Thank you to the mother for allowing us to use her daughters x-rays and share their amazing results.

Case 40: Female, 17 years old

Xrays before and after 40 ENThe following before and after x-ray is from a 17 year old girl from Indonesia. She had done the 5 days intensive treatment and fabricated a brace customised by Dr Kevin Lau. Happy to receive her fantastic results one month after coming for the 5 days intensive treatment. Before she came to see me, her curve was at 45 degrees and a month back home, it progressed to 33 degrees. Some of the concerns my patients have asked was whether corrections were permanent even when they return home. The answer is yes!

In fact, correction should continue by following Dr Kevin’s recommendation. Empowering our patients to take care of their scoliosis is the most important aspect of Dr Kevin Lau’s treatment philosophy!

Case 39: Female, 17 years old

Xrays before and after 39 ENImpressive results for a 17 year old patient from overseas who had just finished a 5 days intensive treatment. Dr Kevin Lau customised her brace and taught her all her exercises which she was to complete when she went back home. 10 degrees reduction in 5 days is amazing. Good to see she is on the right path to better spinal health and ultimately independence.

Empowering patients with the right knowledge so they can take care of themselves is the utmost importance to treating scoliosis with Dr Kevin Lau. A person with scoliosis will most likely have it for life so it’s always better as doctors to educate rather than making patients reliant on us.

Case 38: Female, 13 years old

Xrays before and after 38 ENLocal Singaporean 13 year old girl just did her x-ray review after 24 session of treatment. She was diligent with her treatments as well as wearing her 3D Brace. Before treatment her thoracic curve was 35 degrees now after treatment it’s 25!

Dr Kevin Lau’s treatment is a unique treatment program which he has carefully selected some of the best scoliosis methods from around the world. Each patients program is individually customised to get the most for that person scoliosis.

Case 37: Female, 11 years old

Xrays before and after 37 ENFollow up of a 11 year old girl from Nepal who had come to see me for 5 days intensive and 3D Brace 1 year ago. The mother just took her latest x-rays and emailed them to me for review. So happy to report that her scoliosis reduced over the 1 year while doing her home program and using the 3D Brace. Especially after the mother told me her daughter had grown a lot during that period.

When she first came to see me last year her thoracic curve was 65 degrees now it’s 55 degrees. Lumbar curve was more impressive reducing from 70 degrees to 45 degrees. Those who understand scoliosis know that the risk of worsening is highest when a child is during their growth spurts. We congratulate her on her great improvement and look forward to more to come with each review.

Case 36: Female, 13 years old

Xrays before and after 36 ENThis case is of a Singaporean 13 year old girl. In Singapore most patients are checked yearly by the government organised Health Promotion Board. As such most kids with scoliosis are assigned a local hospital to check yearly.

Attached here is the before and after xrays from a patient who’s scoliosis was getting worse with each check until coming to undergo treatment with Dr Kevin Lau. The before x-ray was taken before coming to try the non-surgical treatment with Dr Kevin Lau and the next check was taken after finishing the 3 month program. All measurements are taken by the resident doctor from the hospital and shows that the upper curve reduced from 40 to 31 degrees and lower curve from 37 to 27 degrees!

I advise scoliosis patients to not “Wait and see” as usually this means ” Wait and see for surgery!”. Take action while the scoliosis is mild and prevent it from getting worst as early as you can.

Case 35: Female, 14 years old

Xrays before and after 35 ENFantastic results for one of my local Singaporean patients in her follow up review with a local hospital. Before and after x-ray was taken by a local hospital during their 6 monthly review with HPB (Health Promotion Board). During that period she was diligent with the non-surgical scoliosis treatment recommended to her by Dr Kevin Lau as well as wearing the 3D Brace daily. So happy with the results and glad all x-rays were taken by another hospital doctor.

This week I had an unsettling case where one of my patients mother was “told off” at by a specialist doctor in a local hospital for why she was using the methods Dr Kevin Lau such as the exercises and 3D Brace. He then recommended she get the Boston brace instead. A lot of doctors are not familiar with the benefits of Dr Kevin Lau’s treatment and mistaken it as regular chiropractic. Dr Kevin Lau’s methods are not standard chiropractic methods and he consistently gets non-surgical improvements with scoliosis as seen above.

It is important that all patients do sufficient research and understand that not all treatments are the same. Make an informed decision and take back control of their own health.

Case 34: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 34 ENThe latest x-ray results is a 1 year follow up of Case 21 of a 12 year old girl from India.

Her auntie is a professor at Singapore’s top medical university and recommended her niece to come for treatment with Dr Kevin Lau. Happy to reveal that after 10 months since coming for her initial 5 days intensive treatment her scoliosis has improved further while completing the home therapy of exercises and wearing the 3D Brace!

We have to commend her for the dedication and effort she put in at home as the results are impressive. This time while in Singapore she underwent another 5 days intensive scoliosis treatment with Dr Kevin Lau and the after x-ray showed further improvement for her scoliosis. Now she is not even considered scoliotic at under 10 degrees! Even when the results are so good it’s still recommended to be vigilant and continue with the prescribed home therapy once she goes back to India.

Case 33: Female, 13 years old

Xrays before and after 33 ENDr Kevin Lau customises the 3D Brace personally for each patient so that the maximum in brace correction can be achieved as can be seen in these before and after x-rays. Here is an example of why this brace has the potential to not only prevent scoliosis but also correct it too.

Too often the boston brace and soft braces do not create enough shift in through the spine to allow it to change. These older models usually seen in most hospitals merely applied pressure against visible humps along the patient’s figure in effort to prevent any further curvature in the spine, compressing the trunk and potentially resulting in pain or even difficulty with breathing down the road.

However, new developments in brace technology have shown doctors that there is a way to help their patients achieve the maximum correction possible. It’s also led to the construction of the most comfortable braces that have ever been available on the market.

Case 32: Female, 28 years old

Xrays before and after 32 ENThis before and after x-ray is from a 28 year old patient who had just finished 3 months of therapy along with using the 3D Brace. Correction is harder in adults than kids however not impossible as this shows. Her lumber scoliosis went from 40 degrees to 33 degrees after 3 months.

Dr Kevin Lau regularly treats patient of all ages. Utilising exercises, nutrition and 3D Brace in a tailored and individualised program. Were you told that bracing was only for youths? Yes, this is true for all the older style of braces such as spinecor, boston and scoliobrace. However the 3D Brace used by Dr Kevin Lau is the ONLY brace on the market which can be successfully used for adults to achieve good aesthetic improvements.

Your never too old to start taking care of your scoliosis!

Case 31: Female, 15 years old

Xrays before and after 31 ENAmazing results after 1 year of treatment with Dr Kevin Lau for this 15 year old girl. She started treatment when she was only 14 and after one year she has made good progress. This patient was diligently wearing the 3D Brace and doing her exercises to improve her scoliosis with fantastic results. One major concern patients typically have is understanding if the correction done by Dr Kevin Lau is if the results are temporary or permanent. Yes corrections are permanent!

I’m happy to also report that this patients specialist at KK hospital who monitors her case as well agreed that she should continue using our methods and care under Dr Kevin Lau. All too often we hear that the attending professors don’t understand the treatment Dr Kevin Lau and how it is different to the many treatments around. This treatment is not chiropractic based or like pilates or Clear methods! But a new treatment which we call ScolioLife Treatment Method and like most treatments the commitment and dedication from the patient is the key to success and for that we congratulate her efforts!

Case 30: Female, 12 years old

Xrays before and after 30 ENAnother fantastic result from a 12 year old local girl who just finished 3 months of scoliosis treatment. During that period she diligently came to the clinic 2 times a week as well as wearing a 3D Brace. Post treatment x-rays show the curvature went from 45 degrees to 29 degrees.

The parents made the decision to not go back to the surgeon as he keep recommending surgery at each follow up. As this was a personal decision of the parents I could not advise against this however usually I prefer patients even if they choose to not do surgery to continue their reviews with the hospital as these results can be documented and show the orthopedic doctor that non-surgical correction is possible!

Case 29: Female, 17 years old

Xrays before and after 29 ENThis patient is a 17 year old girl from overseas and had undergone a 5 days intensive treatment. She had taken x-rays on the first day of treatment as well as the on the last so that the most accurate measurement could be taken of her progress. Over the 5 days we used scoliosis exercises and therapy along with making a 3D Brace for use when they go home. Initially the curvature was measured at 44 degrees in the lower back and after therapy it was 20 degrees!

Most importantly for Dr Kevin Lau is to empower her to learn to take care of her scoliosis when she goes back home and throughout the years ahead!

Case 28: Female, 12 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-28-ENAmazing results for one of my patients with severe scoliosis. She was only 12 when she first came to me with a scoliosis of 90 degrees. The latest x-ray results with the report card from another hospital reviewing her case showed her scoliosis reduce to 82 degrees! While difficulty in treating scoliosis increase with increasing severity this is proof of the hard work and commitment she did under going the therapy and 3D Brace done at my clinic. Typically all specialist in the hospital would recommend surgery after 45 degrees as “nothing” can be done. However results such as hers and others in my clinic prove otherwise.

Thank you for the mother for allowing me to post her hospital report and x-rays

Case 27: Female, 11 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-27-ENGreat way to start the year off. This is the results from a 11 year old Singaporean girl with scoliosis after 3 months treatment. She did the 3D Brace along with coming 2 times to the clinic for therapy for 3 months. Her hard work and effort truly paid off with 41 degrees reduced to 27 degrees! It’s shocking how some specialist still says there is nothing that can be done to correct scoliosis unless its operation. Dr Kevin Lau offers the latest non-surgical scoliosis treatment methods which combines treatments from around the world into what he calls ScolioLife. To learn more you can read his books or DVD. Health IS in your hands

Case 26: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-26-ENThis post treatment result is from a 14 year old Singaporean girl who did the 3 month treatment with us. Before the treatment with Dr Kevin Lau the specialist in the hospital measured her scoliosis at 41° on in the upper curve and 35° for the lower curve. The parents were told that surgery will probably be required and after hearing this they did some further research online about non-surgical treatments for scoliosis. That’s when they booked a consultation with me. After 3 months with therapy and home exercises the xray’s report came back and the results were great. Top curve reduced to 34° and lower curve is now 30°. The parents are happy as curves under 40 degrees don’t require surgery!

Thank you to the child who committed and worked hard to get the improvement. Also to the parents for letting us share their excellent results with everyone.

Case 25: Female, 23 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-25-ENAnother fantastic result for a 23 year old girl who flew into Singapore for the 5 days intensive scoliosis treatment. We were able to fit her with a Genisngen brace and teach her everything she needed to do before going back to her home country. After the 5 days is merely the start of her real treatment as most of the commitment and work happens once she is home. For those who can’t attend the treatments by Dr. Kevin Lau you still have the books and DVD as resources. Get empowered and take control of your condition!

Case 24: Female, 11 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-24-ENGreat results for my overseas patient from Inodnesia. This 11 year old girl came 6 months ago to get a 3D Brace fitted for her and today we did her follow up x-rays after 6 months. Results showed an improvement in her curvature in both the top and bottom curve. Being an over-corrective brace its main goal for the wearer is to get the maximum corrective effect. The middle x-ray is what the brace did to her spine when she wears it, pushing it into a near perfect alignment. However the most important value is when the brace is off and the resultant effects on the spine. Top curve went from 35 to 30 degrees and bottom curve from 42 to 33. She did not do the scoliosis treatment or any prescribed exercises which explains why the results are less. However any amount of correction is still something to celebrate.

Typically I would recommend a 5 days intensive program for overseas patients along with them continuing the program back home with the brace for the optimal results.

Case 23: Male, 17 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-23-ENThis 17 year old Singaporean boy came to me after years of using a brace prescribed by his specialist in a local hospital didn’t work. He had already tried a year of chiropractic, Pilates, physio and other treatments which could not stop his scoliosis from progressing. Understanding their frustration and fear of undergoing another failed treatment I recommended a short 3 month program. As with all clients under my care, before and after x-rays are taken to monitor the persons scoliosis. I was happy to report the curve started at 35 degrees in the lower back after 3 months is now 19 degrees. It is important to get the RIGHT treatment as early as possible to get the best possible outcome. Unfortunately a majority of patients come to Dr Kevin Lau only when they were told by their specialist that surgery was needed. While curves over 50 degrees still has a possibility of improvement, it is a lot harder to get correction. Therefore be proactive when you first get diagnosed with scoliosis and start treatment as early as possible.

Case 22: Female, 17 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-22-ENAnother fantastic result for my 17 year old scoliosis patient from India after the 5 days intensive scoliosis treatment. Her scoliosis was measured at 36 and 35 degrees before treatment. During the 5 days we fitted with a 3D brace and treated using the ScolioLife System which incorporated the most advanced and effective non-surgical methods from around the world and uniquely designed by Dr Kevin Lau. After the 5 days we achieved an amazing result of 26 and 25 degrees which can be seen in the before and after x-rays. Big thank you to the mother who was gracious enough to allow us to post her daughters fantastic results.

Case 21: Female, 12 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-21-ENThe latest before and after is from a 12 year old girl from India. Her auntie who is a professor to medical students in a top Singapore university met me months before to discuss her case. Prior to coming to see me they had seem many specialist in India but the curve kept increasing. They came over for 5 days intensive treatment and we also fitted her with an over-corrective 3D Brace. The results have been great with both top and bottom her curves reducing 50% in only 5 days! After this 5 days everything was taught for her to continue the treatment back home with a follow up review in 3 months.

While typically I would recommend intensive program for overseas patients understand that local patients during school holidays are also able to undergo this intensive program as well.

Case 20: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-20-ENThe following results is after 6 months treatment of a 14 year old girl. She was prescribed the 3D Brace and came for treatment with Dr Kevin Lau once a week. The results shown are out of brace with the top curve reducing from 29 to 20 degrees and bottom curve from 25 to 0 degrees! She was diligent with her scoliosis exercises prescribed and wore the over-corrective brace consistently. This highlights the importance of detecting and treating scoliosis early rather than waiting for it to be severe or worse needing surgery. Unfortunately the common recommendation for mild scoliosis is to “wait and see”, an approach which I definitely don’t agree with. Proactive measures should be recommended at all stages of scoliosis as prevention is easier to do.

Case 19: Female, 29 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-19-ENThis patient of mine was preparing for her wedding and wanted to look her best for the special day. Months before we started her on scoliosis therapy and fitted her with a 3D Brace which is the only over corrective brace suitable for adults as well as kids. The results show a good amount of shift and balancing to the body. We were able to reduce the rib hump and hip imbalance therefore making an improvement to how she looked visually. Whether it be for preparing for wedding or pregnancy or just for health you are never too old to start improving your scoliosis!

Case 18: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-18-ENThe above result this week is from a local 14 year old Singapore girl after one month of treatment with Dr Kevin Lau. The mother was so concerned as the brace and wait & see recommendation by the hospital only lead to her scoliosis getting worst with each hospital review. She was fitted with a 3D Brace and treated by Dr Kevin Lau using his unique non-surgical scoliosis treatment. The treatment method used by Dr Lau was developed through years of working with patients with different types of scoliosis and of all ages. No one method seems 100% effective but by taking a holistic approach to scoliosis we are able to get such amazing results.

Case 17: Female, 17 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-17-ENAnother great result from my 17 year old Singaporean patient. She was diagnosed with scoliosis last year and saw it progress before coming to see me. She was advised to wait and see but the mother decided a proactive approach was best and called up for a consultation. Its important to understand scoliosis is easier to treat in the early mild stages rather than waiting for it to worsen to the stages of surgery. After 3 months of non-surgical therapy and 3D Brace we saw good improvements and expect a good outcome for her scoliosis as she continues. Be proactive and learn that there are things you can do!

Case 16: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-16-ENThis is a patient who just completed a 5 days intensive treatment as she was from China. She is a 14 year old girl who was recommended surgery. As she was has a larger build her scoliosis was detected later until it was 68 degrees. Within 5 days we were able to see significant improvements using the 3D Brace along with the scoliosis therapy by Dr. Kevin Lau. But most importantly was the correction out of brace which saw her scoliosis improve significantly from the initial 68 degrees to 55 degrees. Congratulations to her and we wish her all the best as she continues the treatment back home.

Case 15: Female, 13 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-15-ENThis Singaporean 13 year old girl got excellent correction for her scoliosis after completing her Scoliosis treatment and 3D Brace with Dr. Kevin Lau over a 3 month period. It’s lucky that her parents sort treatment for their daughter after the hospital told them there was nothing to do just wait and see if she needed surgery later. Her hard work and commitment really paid off with good improvements seen on both the top and bottom curves.

With school holidays coming, it is a perfect time to get your kids started on a program to correct scoliosis before it gets worst. Dr. Kevin Lau offers 5 days intensive treatments as well as 3 month programs. All treatments are individually tailored and monitored personally by himself.

Case 14: Female, 8 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-14-ENThis 8 year old girl has quite a high risk of scoliosis progression due to her age and preexisting marfan syndrome. Her older sister had already been through scoliosis surgery which lead to the mother researching to find a way to prevent this occurring to her younger daughter. After only 2 months of treatment using the Dr Kevin Lau’s scoliosis treatment with the 3D Brace we are happy to report good correction. In brace xrays show NO scoliosis while the out of brace showed 5 and 10 degrees permanent correction for the curves! While she is still young she still has the risk of progression during her growth spurt years. But with the right treatment we hope to guide her spine through these high risk periods and ultimately avoid surgery.

Case 13: Female, 13 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-13-ENThis 13 year old girl got excellent correction for her scoliosis after completing her Scoliosis treatment and 3D Brace with Dr. Kevin Lau. It’s lucky that her parents sort treatment for their daughter after the hospital told then there was nothing to do just wait and see if she needed surgery later. Her hard work and commitment really paid off with good improvements seen.

Case 12: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-12-ENThis is a patient who just completed a 5 days intensive treatment as she was from China. She is a 14 year old girl who was recommended surgery. As she was has a larger build her scoliosis was detected later until it was 68 degrees. Within 5 days we were able to see significant improvements using the 3D Brace along with the scoliosis therapy by Dr. Kevin Lau. But most importantly was the correction out of brace which saw her scoliosis improve significantly from the initial 68 degrees to 55 degrees. Congratulations to her and we wish her all the best as she continues the treatment back home.

Case 11: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-11-ENThis 14 year old girl came to me from Japan. She initially had a 35 degree curvature in 2015 which increased to 54 degrees in the thoracic and 46 degree in the lumbar when she first came to see me in 2016. Due to the aggressive situation I recommended we start her on the therapy with Dr. Kevin Lau and 3D Brace. The x-ray taken is only 1 month after… already we are getting good correction in the top and bottom curvature. Keep up the hard work and congratulations on what you have achieved so far!
Points to remember:
1) This treatment is NOT chiropractic based.
2) No other brace can achieve this even Spinecor or Boston.
3) Patient compliance is important.

Case 10: Female, 13 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-10-ENThis thirteen years old girl had scoliosis with a high risk of progression. After undergoing treatment scoliosis treatment her this is the results. Dr. Kevin Lau’s scoliosis treatment is focus on non-surgical straightening of the spine. While he himself is a chiropractor, he does NOT recommend regular chiropractic treatments for scoliosis. For more information you can read his bestselling book “Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment” which is now in its 4th edition.

Case 9: Female, 15 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-09-ENIn 3 short months we were able to reduce this 15 year old girls scoliosis from 54 degrees to 44 degrees without bracing or surgery. Only 4 more degrees and even the hospital orthopedic surgeon won’t be recommending surgery. Wish her all the best in as she continues her treatment with Dr. Kevin Lau. Yes scoliosis surgery can be avoided as long as you’re committed to the treatment plan.

Case 8: Female, 15 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-08-ENAfter 4 hard working months this 15 year old girl was able to reduce her scoliosis from 60 degrees to 44 degrees. We had to use a mix of scoliosis exercises and therapy designed by Dr. Kevin Lau and a newer style of brace called 3D Brace. Scoliosis correction is never easy when your curve is severe so I commend her on her hard work and level of commitment which ultimately means she won’t have to undergo scoliosis surgery. Hoping to see even better results in the months to come.

Case 7: Female, 34 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-07-ENThis is a 34 year old woman who came in for a check up on her spine. She was concerned as it was almost 15 years since her last check up when she was a teenager. Now working full time in an office she occasionally get lower back pain and stiffness after sitting for long hours. After 3 months of treatments of once a week due to her busy work schedule her scoliosis improved from 58 to 29 degrees on top and 50 to 24 degrees below! Just goes to show your never too late or too old to achieve a healthier spine.

Case 6: Female, 13 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-06-ENScoliosis success! After 6 months of treatment and following the advice in my books this 13 year old girl was finally able to reduce her scoliosis and avoid surgery. This was after years of failed bracing and other methods. Treat the person NOT the deformity!

Case 5: Female, 12 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-05-ENSuccess! Here is a 12 year old girls xrays over the last 11 months of coming to see me for non-surgical correction. Her own hospital was monitoring her case and sent her for xrays every 4 months – 6 months with steady improvements each time. Most improtantly her scoliosis did not increase during this crucial growth spurt period and in fact showed improvements. Scoliosis correction is NOT easy and there is no quick fixes… but with commitment, dedication and the right know how it is possible.

Case 4: Female, 15 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-04-EN15 year old girl who has been seeing me did her 6 month review and the scoliosis treatment was a success! Her scoliosis was steadily increasing each time she had a review with the specialist in the hospital. The parents were quite concerned as the boston brace was not working and didn’t want to follow the wait till the next review approach. Fearing that the curve could worsen to needing surgery the parents decided to come in to seek a second opinion. After 3 months they were already seeing improvements in her curve and upon the 6 month review with the hospital the x-rays showed an improvement! Surgery was luckily avoided because they were proactive. Health is in there hands!

Case 3: Female, 56 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-03-ENThe following result is from a mature patient of mine who’s 56 years old. Her daughter was noticing that over the years her mothers posture was worsening and her height was shortening. This is when she asked the mother to come an get a check up with Dr. Kevin Lau. You are never too old to get a better spinal health and her results are a testament to this. After 3 month we were able to reduce both her curves and she feels better and healthier than she had in years. All those aches and pains she thought was normal part of aging disappeared. Quality of life is ultimately priceless and proves its best to do something proactive rather than wait for something serious to happen.

Case 2: Female, 14 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-02-ENSuccess for one of my overseas clients from Hong Kong who came to see me for 5 days intensive treatment. Today he emailed me his daughters follow up x-ray after 6 months and happy to report the curve has reduced. When coming to Dr Kevin Lau, you will be taught everything you need to know to take care of your spine when your back in your home country. The goal of his treatment is to empower the scoliosis sufferer and STOP the over reliance on specialist as you are your own greatest determinant of your health. Congratulations and keep up with the recommendations and for those that can’t travel to see me, learn it from my book, Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment!

Case 1: Female, 22 years old

Xrays-before-and-after-01-ENThis is one of the very first cases in my career specializing in non-surgical scoliosis treatment. The improvements were not as significant as it is currently but shows the advancements I have made in my treatment through the years. The non-surgical scoliosis treatment that we offer is the most comprehensive and advanced treatment available in the world. Dr. Kevin Lau is the first practitioner to offer scoliosis treatments in Singapore 15 years ago and utilize different well known treatments from around the world. Currently Dr Kevin Lau’s treatment has evolved through years of experience from treating curves as mild as 15 degrees to severe curves of over 120 degrees to create a new treatment method which is specially tailored for all types of scoliosis and of all ages.